Theme Kit Ignore Patterns

Theme Kit has a couple of ways to ignore files from your commands. You can provide a list of ignore patterns to your ignore_files value or provide a list of file paths to your ignores value.

Ignore Files

Ignore files should have a certain format to be valid. One pattern per line. However it is valid to have blank lines for comment lines prefixed with a # value.


There are a few rules for the specifications of ignore patterns.

  • Patterns will be trimmed of whitespace at the beginning and end of the pattern
  • Any plain file name (without a * character in it) will be matched within the project directory. So if you specify a pattern no.txt this will be matched with $PROJECT_DIR/no.txt but also $PROJECT_DIR/templates/no.txt
  • Any file pattern has a / at the end like config/, this will be matched with a glob config/*
  • Any pattern containing a glob * will be scoped to the project directory. So with the pattern *.gif this will be matched as $PROJECT_DIR/*.gif
  • Any glob pattern that does not start with a glob, will be matched with a prefixed glob. So a pattern like build/* will be matched as $PROJECT_DIR/*build/*
  • Any pattern that starts with a / and ends with a / will be considered a regular expression and will match the whole path. An example pattern would be /\.(txt|gif|bat)$/ that would match any file with the txt, gif or bat extentions.

Ignores in config.yml example

  ... # other content
  - config/settings_data.json
  - "*.png" # patterns that start with * need to be quoted to have vaild yaml
  - /\.(txt|gif|bat)$/
  - themekit_ignores # file to load ignore patterns, check out the ignore file example

Ignore File example

# $PROJECT_DIR/themekit_ignores
# plain file names

# globs

# regex