Shopify Theme Kit

Theme Kit is a command line tool for shopify themes. Download the application and with a tiny bit of setup you’re off to the theme creation races.

Using Theme Kit will enable you to

  • Upload Themes to Multiple Environments
  • Fast Uploads and Downloads
  • Watch for local changes and upload automatically to Shopify
  • Works on Windows, Linux and macOS


macOS Installation

Use homebrew to install Theme Kit by running the following commands.

brew tap shopify/shopify
brew install themekit

Windows Chocolatey Installation

If you have chocolatey installed you can install Theme Kit by running the following commands.

choco install themekit

Linux Installation

If you are on linux based system, you can use the following installation script to automatically download and install the latest Theme Kit for you.

curl -s | sudo python

Community Packages

Theme Kit is available through other package manager distributions, but as these are not maintained by Shopify, care should be taken before using:

  • AUR (@rmcfadzean)

These packages may not contain the latest Theme Kit release, but running theme update will auto-update to the latest.

Manual Installation

OS Architecture md5 checksums  
macOS 64-bit be650ea27d25b47eabb6fadc55f22620 download
Windows 64-bit 3a1fb85c06922a842d6cec841c302e3a download
Windows 32-bit cee0ece1e248ce7e9d4f340045dcdbb3 download
Linux 64-bit 7a4a280d8dc57cbd3a50e44c9058fbbc download
Linux 32-bit a06df36646c6708204d4af2f69eeca27 download
FreeBSD 64-bit eca3be174bba29e816f9599fdb5f9cb9 download
FreeBSD 32-bit 295e07e03afc55af09108e8ee591134f download

Linux & macOS

  • Download the Theme Kit binary that works for your system.
  • Compare checksums of the binary by running md5 theme
  • Put the binary on your path. We recommend somewhere like /usr/local/bin
  • Ensure that it works as expected by running theme version

Windows Installation

  • Create a folder inside C:\Program Files called Theme Kit
  • Download Theme Kit (below) and copy the extracted program into C:\Program Files\Theme Kit
  • You will then need to add C:\Program Files\Theme Kit to your PATH environment variable. You can find really in-depth instructions here
  • To verify that Theme Kit has been installed, open cmd.exe and type in theme.

Build from source

Please refer to the contributing docs

Get API Access

You’ll need to set up new Shopify API credentials to connect Theme Kit to your store and manage your template files. Theme Kit manages its connection using a private app.


  1. In the store’s Shopify admin, click Apps.
  2. Near the bottom of the page, click on Manage private apps.
  3. If you see a notice that “Private app development is disabled”, then click “Enable private app development”.
  4. Click Create new private app.
  5. In the App details section, fill out the app name and your email address.
  6. In the Admin API section, click Show inactive Admin API permissions.
  7. Scroll to the “Themes” section and select Read and write from the dropdown.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Read the private app confirmation dialog, then click Create app.

You’ll return to the app detail page. Your new, unique access credentials are visible in the Admin API section. Copy the password. You’ll use it in the next step.

Create a new theme.

If you are starting from scratch and want to get a quick start, run the following:

theme new --password=[your-password] --store=[] --name=[theme name]

This will:

  • generate a basic theme template locally
  • create a theme on shopify
  • upload the new files to shopify
  • Create/update your config file with the configuration for your new theme.

Configure an existing theme.

To connect an existing theme, you need the theme’s ID number. The easiest way to get your theme’s ID number is to use the get command like this:

theme get --list -p=[your-password] -s=[]

Then once you have noted your theme ID, run the following command to generate a config and download the theme from shopify:

theme get -p=[your-password] -s=[] -t=[your-theme-id]